Student Eligibility and Funding

If you are interested in applying for SILS, please review the following criteria:
  • Full-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at Emory University are eligible to participate in SILS.
  • The target language must be a living spoken or signed language that is not currently offered at any level through the Emory curriculum. (Refer to our list of languages taught at Emory.)
  • The primary focus of SILS instruction is on developing speaking and listening skills at the beginning and intermediate levels. We do not currently offer curricula for students whose primary interest is in reading, writing, or translating texts, and we cannot always provide curricula for advanced-level students.
  • It is very important that you be ready to commit to a full semester of study, since we will be hiring language partners and examiners to support you based on this understanding. Do not apply for SILS in an otherwise heavily loaded semester, or if you are planning to be out of the Atlanta area for more than a week (NOTE: ALL SILS PROGRAMMING WILL OCCUR ONLINE FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE). Remember that you are expected to spend approximately 1 hour a day working on your materials. You will need to be in good academic standing and have faculty approval to participate. If accepted, you will be asked to sign a learning contract stating that you understand the terms of the program. See our student guidelines for further information.
  • In evaluating applications, priority is given to students with immediate, research-driven needs for language study, but applications based on personal or longer-term goals are considered as well. Our ability to accommodate you also depends on the availability of course materials, examiners, and language partners. If you are hoping to study a language that has not already been offered through SILS (see our homepage for a list), please apply as early as possible.
  • Students may participate in SILS over multiple semesters but must reapply each time.


  • A limited number of Emory College students are accepted each semester at no charge. 
  • Laney Graduate School students may use Professional Development Support (PDS) funds, subject to the usual PDS eligibility conditions, to cover their SILS expenses ($1,000 per semester). Please submit your PDS application before applying for SILS; we will need a copy of your PDS award letter before we can start your program. Email Jay Hughes with questions about PDS applications. 
  • All other students should plan to seek external funding to cover their SILS expenses; please contact the SILS Director to discuss.

Fall 2021 applications due September 1, and Spring 2022 applications due January 18!!

Application Form