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  3. Multitran


  1. Blogs and Journals
    1. Heritage Language Journal (Journal Dedicated to Teaching and Learning of Heritage Languages)
    2. Kino Kultura (Journal of Modern Russian Cinema)
    3. Shining Happy People Blog
    4. The Birch (Undergraduate Slavic Journal)
  2. Literature
    1. National Corpus of the Russian Language
    2. Readrussia: Russian Books and Literature
    3. Russian Philosophy
  3. News
    1. East European and Slavic News Media on the Internet : American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
    2. Interfax News
    3. RT, Russian State-Sponsored English-Language News
  4. Museums and Art
    1. Russian Museum, St Petersburg: English or Russian 
    2. Tretyakov Gallery: English or Russian 
    3. Russian Art
    4. Russian Icons
  5. Podcasts and Radio  
    1. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russia News: Russian or English
    2. Radio Svoboda 
    3. Russian Chat Podcast
    4. Russian Radio Online
  6. Video 
    1. Video Svoboda


  1. Foreigncy Advanced
  3. Jim Becker's Russian Language Resources
  4. Learn Russian Free
  5. Master Russian 
  6. Russian for Everyone
  7. Russian Mentor Intermediate and Advanced 
  8. Russian Rock: Russian Language through Music 
  9. Study Russian Online


  1. Beginner's Russian: Elementary Russian Textbook Used at Emory 
  2. On-line Russian Grammar Reference
  3. V Puti, Russian Grammar in Context: Intermediate and Advanced Grammar Textbook Used at Emory