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  1. Daum Dictionary App  All Levels
  2. Kmaru Series (Syllable/Write/Vocab/Numbers/Keyboard/Spelling/Time/Speech)
  3. Korean Alphabet Tracing Beginner (Good for Writing Hangeul)
  4. Learn Korean Free Wordpower All Levels (Good for Studying Vocabulary)
  5. Naver Dictionary App  All Levels
  6. Poppopping Korean Beginner (Good for Practicing Pronunciation)


  1. Daum Web Dictionary All Levels
  2. Korean-Korean Learner's Dictionary  All Levels
  3. Multimedia Dictionary  Beginner
  4. Naver Web Dictionary All Levels

Korean Culture and Travel 

  1. Eat your Kimchi 
  2. Korea Tourism Organization 
  3. Korean Expressions for Travelers  All Levels
  4. Life in Korea 
  5. Practical Korean Expressions for Foreigners All Levels
  6. The Korea Society
  7. The Taste of Korea
  8. VANK (Voluntary Agency Network of Korea)  
  9. Visit Korea


  1. Easy Learn Korean  Beginner
  2. King Sejong Institute  All levels
  3. Korean Language Adventure Intermediate
  4. Korean Learning for Correct Pronunciation  All levels
  5. K-maru Beginner
  6. Let’s Learn Korean 1 & 2  Beginner & Intermediate
  7. Quick Korean Beginner & Intermediate
  8. Sogang Korean Program  Beginner & Intermediate
  9. SNU’s Click Korean  Beginner
  10. Talk to Me in Korean  All levels
  11. Test of Proficiency in Korean  All levels


  1. Hangeul  All levels
  2. Learning Hangul  Beginner
  3. Korean Keyboard Practice  All levels
  4. Korean Language Romanization All levels