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  1. Imiwa (Dictionary) 
  2. Kana Quiz- Japanese Alphabet Flashcards
  3. Learn Japanese (Vocabulary & Grammar) Beginner
  4. Tae Kim’s Learning Japanese (Vocabulary & Grammar) All Levels 
  5. TenguGO Kana (Hiragana & Katakana)


  1. Jim Breen's WWWJDUC Japanese Dictionary Server 
  2. Pop Jisho 
  3. Reading Tutor


  1. GENKI (Emory's 101-202 Textbook) Supplemental Materials 
    1. Genki Self Study Room 
    2. Usagi-Chan's Genki Resource Page
  2. Manga and Anime 
    1. Crunchyroll 
    2. The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai
  3. News
    1. Asahi Newspaper
    2. Mainichi Newspaper (for Japanese Elementary School Students)
    3. NHK News
    4. NHK News Easy 
    5. TBS News
  4. The Japan Foundation's Portal for Learning Japanese (Comprehensive Guide of Various Learning Materials) 
    1. Beginner
    2. Intermediate 
    3. Advanced
  5. Self-Study Programs for Beginners 
    1. CosCom
    2. Genki Japan
    3. NHK World
    4. The Japan Foundation I 
    5. The Japan Foundation II 
  6. Short Stories and Novels
    1. Aozora Bunko: Popular Japanese Novels
    2. Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime  
    3. Multimedia Taiyakuban: Word Literature in Japanese 
  7.  Songs 
    1. Toyama University Collection
  8. Travel 
    1. Japan National Tourism Organization 
    2. Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks
    3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
    4. Travel Guide with Photos
    5. Web Japan


  1. Career and Scholarships
    1. Bridging Scholarships under AATJ
    2. Japanese Government Scholarship for Foreign Students 
    3. Ohayo Sensei 
    4. Solver Network Japan Careertalk 
    5. The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
  2. Proficiency Tests 
    1. BJT by Kanken: Business Japanese Proficiency Test
    2. JLPT by the Japan Foundation: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
    3. J-CAT: Japanese Computerized Adaptive Test

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