Online Resources for Self Learning

In the 21st century, proficiencies in foreign languages and cultures are becoming crucial for the workplace and can give your career a boost. Have you ever wondered how you can start learning a language by yourself or keep making progress in the language(s) you are learning during the winter and summer breaks? The answer is right here. This site provides self-learning resources for all curricular languages offered at Emory, ranging from online courses and apps, radio and TV stations, to dictionaries and exercises on grammar and vocabulary, and much more!

Check out the materials by clicking on the language of your interest on the left and start learning!

All Dekalb County public library account holders may use online language learning software for free. All college enrolled students, even those from out of state and international students, are considered residents of Georgia and are eligible for a Dekalb County library account.  Contact your local Dekalb County library for more information. 

Weblinks posted by the Emory College Language Center (ECLC) represent only a small sampling of external sites that may be interesting or helpful to students of languages taught at Emory.  Inclusion in the list is neither an endorsement of the site by Emory University nor a guarantee of accuracy or copyright status of posted information. Opinions expressed on the sites are their own, and Emory is not responsible for content on the external sites or for their subsequent links.  Please be sure to review any privacy policy or other terms or conditions of these sites.