1. Chinese-English Dictionary App (iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android) All Levels 
  2. Chinese Flashcards (iPhone)  Beginner/ Intermediate 
  3. Chinese Pop-Up Dictionary (Firefox) All Levels 
  4. FluentU All Levels 
  5. KEY System (Computer) All Levels 
  6. Laokang Tone Test All Levels  
  7. Make Your Own Flashcards (iPhone, Android, Web) All Levels
  8. Mandarin Travel Phrasebook Beginner 
  9. Pinyin Chart Beginner     


  1. Chinese-English Sentences Dictionary  All Levels 
  2. LINE Dict Chinese-English Dictionary: excellent character recognition system  All Levels 
  3. MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary All Levels 
  4. Youdao Cidian Chinese-English Dictionary  All Levels 
  5. ZDIC Chinese-English Dictionary  All Levels 


  1. Basic Conversational Chinese Sound Files and Exercises Part I Beginner 
  2. Basic Conversational Chinese Sound Files and Exercises Part II Beginner 
  3. CCTV's "Communicate in Chinese" Online Video Series  All Levels
  4. ChinaLinks: China and Chinese Language and Linguistics-Related Websites All Levels 
  5. Chinese TV Online- Intermediate/ All Levels 
    1. LETV
    2. Tudou
    3. Youku 
  6. Confucius Institute Online All Levels 
  7. "Learn a Chinese Phrase" YouTube Series All Levels 
  8. Memrise Chinese Courses All Levels 
  9. Xinhua Bilingual News Advanced   
  10. Yabla Chinese Videos All Levels  

Writing: Pinyin, Characters, and Grammar 

  1. Characters 
    1. Bopomofo All Levels 
    2. Character Dictionary and Pinyin Chart All Levels 
    3. Character Writing Animations All Levels 
    4. Chinese Character Flashchards and Other Tools All Levels 
    5. eStroke: Stroke Order Animations All Levels 
    6. Skritter Chinese All Levels 
  2. Grammar
    1. Basic Chinese Grammar: A Review in Slides Beginner/ Intermediate 
  3. Pinyin
    1. Pinyin Practice Beginnners 
    2. Tone Analyzing All Levels 

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