Excellence In Language Studies Award

The Excellence in Language Studies awards are presented to one student in each language offered at Emory College.  Each student is chosen by his or her respective department and recognized at the ECLC awards ceremony held in their honor each Spring. 

Recipients for 2017

Arabic, Virginia Carter Spinks

Chinese, Stephen Asher Weiner

ESL, Lei Huang

French, Emma Elizabeth Kern

German, Mindi R. Leit

Greek, John S. Mizuki

Hebrew, Jonah M. Adler

Hindi, Naman Jain

Italian, Samantha Flores

Japanese, Michael Andrew Flores

Korean, Haley Van Petten

Latin, Allison Grace Aghjayan

Persian, Keywan Behbahani

Portuguese, Paola Valentina Correia

Russian, Katy Mayerson

Spanish, Lia Rae Benes

Tibetan, Kevin Tran Lu


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