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 Excellence in Language Teaching Award 2020 Recipients

ostrom muratore
Katherine Ostrom
Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Simona Muratore
Senior Lecturer in Italian

Simona Muratore - Senior Lecturer in Italian

Dr. Simona Muratore joined Emory’s Department of French and Italian in 2006 with a PhD in Italian Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Laurea in Pedagogy from the Università degli Studi in Firenze. Since her arrival at Emory, she has designed and taught exciting courses in Italian language, culture, literature and film, including on Language & cultural acquisition; Italian art, film and literature; Italian migrant literature; social media and social transformation; and sustainable food. Senior Lecturer Muratore’s current research focuses on the design and implementation of a pedagogical approach to second language acquisition through a multidisciplinary analysis of the social and cultural forces that ushered in the Slow Food Movement. Dr. Muratore is known and touted for a course she teaches on sustainable food, which allows her students to co-organize Emory University’s annual Sustainable Food Fair. In 2018-19, Dr. Muratore co-created a highly successful study abroad program in Bologna, Italy, which focuses on language and culture through in-class work, fieldtrips, and first-hand interaction with the Italian culture and people. She is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian Studies, where she has expertly changed the culture of Italian Studies and is now working collaboratively on revamping the curriculum. In 2018, Dr. Muratore published a book chapter titled, “The Language of Italian Food and the Flavors of Sustainability: Think Globally, Act Locally” for the volume Environment and Pedagogy in Higher Education, in their Ecocritical Theory and Practice Series. She was also co-convener for the African Literature Association Conference, a global gathering that took place in Atlanta, GA, in April 2016. Dr. Muratore established an annual Italian Business Night, which is an opportunity for Emory students to engage with Italian businesses located in the Metro Atlanta area. The Italian Business Night highlights how communication and other skills acquired in foreign language work in partnership to enhance job-specific expertise. With the success of this initiative, Dr. Muratore won the ECLC's Curriculum Development Award for the 2019-2020 academic year, which has allowed her to develop a course that brings her research and expertise on the topic of Italian Business into the classroom. 

Katherine Ostrom - Senior Lecturer in Spanish

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is proud of our colleague, Senior Lecturer Katherine Ostrom, recipient of the 2020 ECLC Excellence in Language Teaching Award. Prof. Ostrom, who came to Emory in 2011 as Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese after completing her Ph.D. in Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics at the University of Minnesota,teaches both Spanish and Portuguese across the full curricular spectrum, from 100-level beginning language classes to 400-level seminars. Prof. Ostrom’s departmental service is extensive, reflecting her unique role as a “double-hitter” in Spanish and Portuguese. She has served as interim Director of the Portuguese Program (a position she held for three years) and is currently Director of (Spanish) Undergraduate Studies. She has contributed in significant ways to our study abroad programs in both Spain and Brazil. At the College level, Prof. Ostrom has participated in the QEP initiative, served on the Executive Committee of the ECLC, and been actively involved in many events and functions of Emory’s Office of LGBT Life. She is currently serving on the assessment committee for Continuing Writing courses; this is particularly important because it makes visible the role that languages other than English play in the Continuing Writing program. Prof. Ostrom is a regular attendee at events and workshops sponsored by the ECLC and has participated in Emory’s Piedmont Project (as part of that involvement, she frequently invites students to join her in one of campus gardens and converse ‘en español’ or ‘em portugues’ while weeding or harvesting!). She is a departmental leader in the use of technology in the classroom, digital literacy, and social media; thanks to her encouragement SpanPort is now visible on FaceBook and Twitter!


Numerous students wrote with eloquence and passion in support of Prof. Ostrom’s nomination for the ECLC award, expressing appreciation for the opportunity to do creative work as part of their writing assignments, the incorportative of digital technologies in her traditional and online classes, and her accessability as an advisor and mentor.  The following quote from one student letter says it all: Without a doubt, Dr. Ostrom has been the most influential and impactful professors I have had the pleasure of knowing during my time at Emory. She reaffirmed the interests I already had in Spanish and Portuguese, but she has also encouraged me to be fearless in discovering new things. I could not possibly name a person who is more qualified for this award.”

Curriculum Development Fellowship 2021

The Curriculum Development Fellowship aims to provide support to foreign language faculty who plan to develop teaching materias, assessment tools, and/or research designs that will benefit foreign language programs at Emory.


The recipient of the Curriculum Development Fellowship for 2021 is Professor Lisa Dillman of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

Professor Dillman has translated over 30 books and 50 short stories, and taught a 400-level translation course in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese for more than 15 years. She was awarded the ECLC Curriculum Development Fellowship in order to create a first-year seminar entitled The Act and Art of Translation. As a first-year seminar, this course will be taught in English and open to any first-year student, regardless of linguistic background (i.e. native and/or heritage speakers of any language, monolingual English speakers with little foreign-language study). Although most people’s lives are dependent upon translation for everything from their daily newsfeeds to reading the Koran, Torah, Bible or other religious texts, rarely do we consider what is involved in the process of translation and the manipulations texts undergo before being published in another language. This course will serve as a foundation on which students can build a nuanced understanding of the manifold dynamics involved in translation and introduce students to relevant cultural, historical, literary and ethical foundations. Students will examine some of the ways translation has been used over time, varying greatly by epoch and country. Some of the topics covered in the course will include: learning “how to read a translation”; multiple translations of the same work; the translator as social and political agent; marketing translations for specific audiences; and intralingual and intersemiotic translation. It is hoped that this course will attract students to further study of any of the languages offered at Emory.

Excellence in Language Teaching Award 2019

The Excellence in Language Teaching Award recognizes one language faculty member who has a minimum of six years on the Emory College faculty, an outstanding teaching record, eveidence of innovation in teaching and interest in continued professional development, evidence of appreciation by peers and students as a model teacher, involvement in language teaching at the various levels, extended service to her/his own language program (on-campus activities, study abroad) and to the Emory language community at large, and involvement with students both inside and outside the classroom.


The recipient of the Excellence in Language Teaching award for 2019 is Bumyong Choi of the Department of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Dr. Choi is the Korean language program coordinator at the Dept. of Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures at Emory University. Before joining the Emory Korean program, he has taught at the Korean Language Flagship Center at the University of Hawaii and Department of African and Asians Language and Literature at Northwestern University. Dr. Choi is currently serving as a board member of American Association of Teachers of Korea since 2015. He completed his Ph.D. (2011) in Korean Linguistics from the Dept. of East Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a dissertation title “A cognitive analysis of Korean V1-V2 construction.” His teaching and research interests are in Korean corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistic approach to language teaching, and use of technology in Korean language instruction. His current projects include developing an online hybrid course for elementary level Korean, and linguistic landscape projects in Korean language classroom. His selected academic presentations and publication include ‘The Effects of Short-Term Study Abroad on Korean Language Learning” (SLRF 2014), “Geolocative-Learning Projects: Mapping East Asian Cultures in the U.S.” (ACTFL 2014), " Let’s HANGOUT with TWITTER on SOUNDCLOUD” (AATK 2013)," ‘Collostructional Analysis of Korean Auxiliary Verbs -e twu- and -e noh-,’ (The Korean Language in America 17), ‘Korean Locative Adverbs and Politeness’ (The 18th International Congress of Linguistics) and the textbook chapter “‘Korean religion and philosophy’ (in Essentials of Korean Language and Culture). View curriculum vitae.



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