Faculty Achievements

New Books by Emory Language Studies faculty 2016

Lisa Dillman (Spanish and Portuguese), trans., The Heart Tastes Bitter, by Victor de Árbol. (Scribe).

Lisa Dillman (Spanish and Portuguese), trans., The Transmigration of Bodies, by Yuri Herrera. (And Other Stories).

Mikhail Epstein (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures). Ot sovka k bobku. Politika na grani groteska (From Homo Soveticus to the Bobok Character. Politics on the Edge of Grotesque). (Dukh i Litera).

Mikhail Epstein (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures). Ot znania k tvorchestvu. Kak gumanitarnye nauki mogut izmeniat’mir (From Knowledge to Creativity: How the Humanities Can Change the World). (Tsentr gumanitarnykh initsiativ).

Mikhail Epstein (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures). Poeziia I sverkhpoeziia: O mnogoobrazii tvorcheskikh mirov (Poetry and Superpoetry: On the Variety of Creative Worlds). (Azbuka).

Ricardo Gutiérrez-Mouat (Spanish and Portuguese). Understanding Roberto Bolaño. (U of South Carolina P) (published posthumously).

Wan-Li Ho (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Ecofamilism: Women, Religion, and Environmental Protection in Taiwan. (Three Pines).

Scott Kugle (Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies), When Sun Meets Moon: Gender, Eros, and Ecstasy in Urdu Poetry. (U of North Carolina P).

Jonathan Master (Classics), Provincial Soldiers and Imperial Instability in the Histories of Tacitus. (U of Michigan P).

Jane Airey O’Connor (English as a Second Language Program) and Sheila MacKechnie Murtha, College the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to English Language and Campus Life in the U.S. (Research and Education Association).

Niall Slater (Classics), Voice and Voices in Antiquity: Orality and Literacy in the Ancient World, Volume 11. (Brill).

Miriam Udel (German Studies and Jewish Studies), Never Better! The Modern Jewish Picaresque. (U of Michigan P).

Subha Xavier (French and Italian), The Migrant Text: Making and Marketing a Global French Literature. (McGill-Queen’s UP).

Language Studies Faculty Promotions 2017


Devin Stewart, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies

Associate Professor

Subha Xavier, French and Italian

Senior Lecturer

Bumyong Choi, Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures

Katherine Ostrom, Spanish and Portuguese

Angela Porcarelli, French and Italian


Lisa Dillman (Spanish and Portuguese) was awarded the Best Translated Book Award from Three Percent, an online resource for international literature based at the University of Rochester, for her translation of Yuri Herrera’s “Signs Preceding the End of the World.

Moulay Elbousty (MESAS) was awarded the Palmes Academiques from the Consulate General of France in Atlanta for his promotion of French culture and language.

Judy Raggi Moore (Italian Studies) received the Emory Williams Teaching award for 2016.

Judy Raggi Moore (Italian Studies) gave the Convocation Faculty Address in the fall of 2016.

Peter Höyng (German Studies) received a Fulbright Award for study in Austria.

Jose Quiroga (Spanish & Portuguese) received a Guggenheim Fellowship for a project on art and dissidence between 1967 and 1989.

Judy Raggi Moore and Christine Ristaino (French & Italian) were declared joint winners of a contest on "How to Teach Italian at the College Level in the 21st Century" by the National Council for the Promotion of Italian Language in American Schools.

Christine Ristaino (French & Italian) was awarded the Crystal Apple Teaching Award for undergraduate seminar education.

Hossein Samei (MESAS) and Susan Tamasi (Linguistics) received the 2012-13 Winship Award for lecture track faculty.

Language Studies Faculty Promotions 2016


Susan Tamasi, Professor of Pedagogy
Program in Linguistics

New Books by Emory Language Studies faculty 2015

Cornell, Rkia (Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies) Chinese translation (2016) of Early Sufi Women: Dhikr an-niswa al-muta’abbidat as-Sufiyyat by Abu ‘Abd ar-Rahman as-Sulami (Louisville, Kentucky: Fons Vitae, 1999)

Dillman, Lisa (Spanish and Portuguese), trans., August, October (by Andrés Barba). Hispabooks. 

Dillman, Lisa (Spanish and Portuguese), trans., Signs Preceding the End of the World (by Yuri Herrera). And Other Stories.

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Ironia Ideala: Paradosky Russkoi Literatury (The Irony of the Ideal: Paradoxes of Russian Literature). Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. 

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Leplivy Listichi, Misli Bez Reda I Obzira (Leaves in Bud: Scattered Untimely Reflections). Trans. from the Russian by Radmila Mechanin. Dereta.

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Ot Sovka k Bobku. Politika Na Grani Groteska (From Homo Soveticus to the Bobok Character. Politics on the Edge of Grotesque.).FrancTireur-USA. 

Epstein, Mikhail (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures), Alexander Genis and Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover, Russian Postmodernism: New Perspectives on Post-Soviet Culture. 2nd edition. Berghahn.

Li, Hong (Russian and East Asian Languages and Cultures) and Jing Z. Paul, with illustrator Eric Reinders (Religion). Fun with Chinese Grammar – 35 Humorous Dialogues and Comics. Nanjing UP.

O’Connor, Jane Airey (English as a Second Language Program) and Sheila MacKechnie Murtha, Celebrate the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language and Culture in the U.S. Research and Education Association.

Rao, Velcheru Narayana (Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies), trans., The Story of Manu (Allasani Peddana). Harvard UP. 

Reber, Dierdra (Spanish and Portuguese), Coming to Our Senses: Affect and an Order of Things for Global Culture. Columbia UP.

Yeglin, Ofra (Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies), Restless Shards: The Sources of Abba Kovner’s Poetics. Hakibbutz Hameuchad-Sifriat Poalim.

Language studies faculty presence at ACTFL 2015

The following foreign language faculty represented Emory at the annual ACTFL/AATG conference in San Diego, CA, on November 20-22, 2015.

Nick Block and Hiram Maxim (German Studies) presented  “The ‘Domain of One’s Own’ Project: Composing German for the Web”.

Yu Li (REALC), presented "Needs analysis and models of Chinese as a heritage language curriculum”. Yu Li also participated at the Journal of Chinese Language Association editorial meeting as the review editor, and the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education's meeting as its president. 


Hong Li (ECLC), Yu Li (Chinese), Hiram Maxim (German), Elliott McCarter (Hindi), and Judy Raggi-Moore (Italian) attended the conference on Outcomes Assessment in Support of Foreign Language Education in October 2015, organized by the Consortium on Useful Assessment in Language and Humanities Education. Since then, a task force on assessment at Emory has been actively exploring assessment in the humanities context.

Recent language studies faculty scholarly activity

María Mercedes-Carrión (Spanish and Portuguese) presided at sessions 350 and 567, participated in session 61, and chaired the meeting of the Executive Committee of the 16th- and 17th-century Hispanic Drama Forum at the Modern Language Association (MLA) annual convention, January 7-10, 2016.

Pazit Kahlon-Shelnutt (MESAS) attended the National Assocation of Professors of Hebrew Seminar Technology in the Hebrew classroom, October 9-11, 2015.

Marianne Lancaster (German Studies) attended the Conference on Intercultural Competence in Tucson, Arizona, January 22-24, 2016.

Simone Muratore (Italian Studies) presented An Italian Recipe for Sustainable Language Acquisition: the Slow Food Movement, Italian Language, and Critical Thinking Skills for L2 Students at the Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA) conference in Durham, NC on November 13-15, 2015

Angela Porcarelli (Italian Studies) presented Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty: an existential journey in the city of Rome at the Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, October 15-17, 2015.

Caroline Schaumann (German Studies) presented Adalbert Stifter’s Brigitta as a Narrative of Transgression at the Woment in German Annual Meeting, Banff, Canada, October 22-25, 2015.

Niall Slater (Classics) presented Up from Tragicomedy:  The Growth of Hope in Greek Comedy at the conference on "The Emotion of Hope in Ancient Literature, History and Art" at the University of Crete, Rethymnon, Greece, Dec. 11-13, 2015.

Yu Li (REALC), presented "Needs analysis and models of Chinese as a heritage language curriculum”. Yu Li also participated at the Journal of Chinese Language Association editorial meeting as the review editor, and the American Society of Shufa Calligraphy Education's meeting as its president at ACTFL, November 20-22, 2015. 

2013 Stephen A. Freeman Award

Members of the Department of German Studies (Hiram Maxim, Marianne Lancaster, Peter Höyng, Caroline Schaumann, and Maximillian Aue) have been selected as recipients of the 2010 Stephen A. Freeman Award in recognition of "Overcoming Curricular Bifurcation: A Departmental Approach to Curriculum Reform" a jointly written article about the department's newly reformed curriculum

German Studies Department selected as Center of Excellence

On February 14, 2012, The American Association of Teachers in German (AATG), the national professional organization for scholars and teachers in German, designated Emory's German Studies Department as one of only two German Centers of Excellence nationwide.
The department began the application process last year, documenting strengths in the four broad prescribed categories of institution, faculty, curriculum, and organization along with close to 50 subcategories for each of the four. The department was rated "excellent" in each of the four categories.
Some of the strengths of the department that were featured in the application are 

  • the faculty's commitment to teaching and research as evidenced by the recognition they have received from national and international granting agencies;
  • the newly designed and integrated curriculum, a collaborative departmental project that the reviewers found particularly impressive;
  • the Advisory Council (established in 2007) that has been instrumental in bringing speakers to campus and establishing a summer internship program in Germany through the American Chamber of Commerce;
  • the highly successful Vienna Study Abroad Program, Emory's longest continually running summer abroad program;
  • the affiliation with and interdisciplinary outlook to other departments on campus such as History, Philosophy, Music, Film Studies, Linguistics, and the Tam Institute for Jewish Studies;
  • the ability to have raised over $100,000 last year in order to establish a Scholarship Fund in honor of recently retired Senior Lecturer Viola Westbrook;
  • the rich extra-curricular offerings which are possible in part due to an annual Fulbright Teaching Assistant involvement with the German House.