e-Translation Conference 2021

Foreign Language Pedagogy
in the Age of Computer-Assisted Translation:
An Interdisciplinary Conference at Emory University

Keynote Speaker
Richard Kern
Professor and Director of the Berkeley Language Center

October 14 - 17, 2021
Emory Conference Center Hotel
1615 Clifton Road NE Atlanta, Georgia 30329
Phone: 404-712-6000 

Link here for submission of papers. Deadline is March 30, 2021.



Context and Call for Papers

Link here for submission of papers. Deadline is March  30, 2021 .

In the past two decades, our lives have been completely reshaped by both the internet and globalization, each accelerating its pace due to the forces of the other. The global digital age has pushed domains such as news, shopping, travel and the arts towards transformative changes. Likewise, higher education has undergone major makeovers due to big data, the digital humanities and the ability to conduct online research. In fact, as critic Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak sees it, universities are in the process of becoming places of mere knowledge transactions rather than formative education.

Foreign language pedagogy, as an integral part of higher education, is by no means shielded from these concerns. After all, it faces the evolution of computer-assisted translation tools: online dictionaries, aggregators, interactive machine translation, and corpora. Whether faculty lament the fact that these tools have entered our classrooms, take comfort in the fact that computer-assisted translation is nowhere near replacing human translators or see the linguistic challenges of machine translation as the ultimate simulation of artificial intelligence, foreign language pedagogues can no longer be complacent about the reach of computer-assisted translation tools and their impact in our classrooms. Instead, we must actively engage on all levels: pragmatic, theoretical, pedagogical, technological and linguistic.

This interdisciplinary conference aims to address these issues. Organized by the Emory Language Center (http://languagecenter.emory.edu/home/), which comprises 17 languages plus English, the conference papers from the fields of language pedagogy, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, sociology, computer science, translation studies and related fields to explore the challenges and benefits of computer-assisted translation tools in the language classroom.


Range of Possible Topics

We invite presentations on any relevant topic, including:

-       Computer-assisted translation tools as enhancement or deterrent for L2 learning

-       Computer-assisted translation tools and the honor code

-       Computer-assisted translation as a form of access to foreign-language research

-       The social and linguistic effects/results of using computer-assisted translation tools

-       The effects of computer-assisted translation on foreign language as alterity

-       Collaborations between linguists and computer scientists

-       Linguistic approaches to machine translation

-       Case studies in specific languages


While presenters will clearly discuss/address multiple languages, papers should be primarily in English

Please submit the following:

  • an abstract of about 250 words

Four presentations, and the keynote address, will be selected for publication in a special issue of an appropriate language journal. ECLC faculty will guest edit the special issue.


Organizational Details

Location:   Emory Conference Center Hotel
1615 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
Phone: 404-712-6000
Dates:  Friday, October 14th – Sunday, 17th, 2021
Proposal submission deadline: March 30, 2021
Registration Fee: $ 175.00