Excellence in Language Studies Award for 2021, Hebrew 

 Jiwon Kim


שלום ג׳יוון, 
מזל טוב על קבלת הפרס ועל ההתמדה שלך בלימודי העברית. את תלמידה מצטיינת שהוכיחה עקביות בלמידה ואהבה לשפה העברית. מקווים שתמשיכי להשתמש בעברית שלמדת ותמשיכי להכיר את בתרבות הישראלית והיהודית. 
Congratulations on receiving the award for your excellence in learning Hebrew. You are an outstanding student who has demonstrated consistency in learning and the love for the Hebrew language. We hope that you will continue to use the Hebrew you have learned and will continue to get to know the Israeli and Jewish culture.

Jiwon Kim is a PhD student at the Department of Political Science studying human rights using text analysis. Prior to coming to Emory, she spent most of her life in South Korea, but had also lived in Hong Kong and the UK. Jiwon enjoys learning new languages - she majored in English linguistics in college, speaks Mandarin Chinese, and now for the dissertation uses computer languages like Python and R on a daily basis. The Hebrew language has had a special place in her heart since she started praying for the Jewish people, and will always have, as God she loves never ceases to love the Jews and all nations. Jiwon expresses her deepest thanks to Ms. Idit Ben-Simon and Ms. Pazit Kahlon for creating the best language learning experience.