Dong Yeob Kang (Tibetan)


Excellence in Language Studies Award, Tibetan 

Major(s): Biology and Minoring in Educational Studies

Bio: Dong Yeob Kang, a graduating senior at Emory University, is majoring in Biology with a minor in Educational Studies. Born and raised in Korea, he studied abroad in many different regions where he experienced and learned different cultures of the world: Australia, Canada, and the United States (California, Pennsylvania, and Georgia). Experiences abroad were influential in terms of his personal growth as he learned about the importance of friendships, community service, and the acceptance of diversity. His interests lie in teaching, cancer research, and meditation. He is involved around campus in teaching roles as he is the EPASS peer tutor for General Chemistry and Human Physiology and was the undergraduate teaching assistant for Human Physiology and EDS 471R: Education & Social Change. As the co-author of the abstract, Pilot Study on the Feasibility of a Meditation Intervention to Change Telomere Length in College Students, his research at Winship Cancer Center revolves around meditation. He got interested in Tibetan culture and language after meeting the monks to meditate during his freshman year at Emory. He intends to pursue a career in medicine after graduation and wishes to travel to Tibet to further his knowledge in Tibetan language and its rich culture.