"Welcome to Korean at Emory", a video message by Bumyong Choi

Korean uses its own unique alphabet called Hangeul, considered one of the most efficient alphabets in the world. Hangeul was created in 1443 under King Sejongâ's reign during the Joseon Dynasty. Prior to 1442, Chinese characters were used. The language is spoken by about 70 million Koreans in both south and north Korea. In addition, about 7 million Koreans live abroad in China, Japan, former Soviet Union countries, America, and other countries (2007, Overseas Korean Foundation). Following China and Israel, Korea has the third largest community of overseas residents (http://language.snu.ac.kr Online Korean). There are about 2 million Koreans living in the United States. Emory has more than 400 Korean international students and many Korean American students. It is the largest ethnic group at Emory with two large student organizations: Korean Undergraduate Student Organization (KUSA) and Korean International Students at Emory (KISEM).

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